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Castle Craft
Supplies for Castle Craft
Paper Castle Craft

Supplies Needed: 7 Cereal Boxes – 4 Cylinder Food Item Containers – Construction Paper – Tape or Glue – Scissors – Index Cards (optional)

This craft has lots of ways that you can customize it, depending on the supplies that you can get or have will affect what you decide to do.
Step 1: The sizes of the cereal boxes you are using will affect the size of your platform. Here is a simple math equation to help you figure out what size your platform need to be: Diameter of Cylinder + Length of Box for Front + Diameter of Cylinder = A, Diameter of Cylinder + Length of Box for Side Wall + Diameter of Cylinder = B. Multiply A and B. This will be the minimum area that you’ll need to put your castle on. If you want area around the castle be sure to make the platform larger. It is important to get these things ready before you and your toddler are sitting down ready to dive into a craft project, so that your toddler doesn’t become anxious waiting while mommy or daddy are calculating just how much area the castle will need. Once you have the platform, which can be made out of flattened cereal boxes, ready and all of your supplies together you can begin the project with your toddler. Step 1
Castle Craft Step 1
Step 2: Help your toddler decorate your food item cylinder containers, most likely empty oatmeal containers. You can use construction paper or plain paper with crayons to add a background to the cylinders, your castle’s towers, as well as windows. You can even use the brick or stone pattern print out for your toddler to color in. This is a perfect example for being able to customize the castle, you and your toddler can decide how many windows to put and where to put them on the castle’s tower. Step 2
Castle Craft Step 2
Step 3: Using index cards or construction paper cut out turret shapes to go around the top of the towers, this will take four index cards for a standard oatmeal cylinder container so you’ll need a few of them. Secure the turrets to the towers using tape or glue, something that your toddler will not likely be able to help with. It is up to you if you want to do steps 2 and 3 before 4, (decorating the walls of the castle). Step 3
Castle Craft Step 3
Step 4: If you only have two cereal boxes to use on your castle cut out the front and back of each one to create your four castle walls, if you are able to use four cereal boxes, keep them whole as they will each represent a sturdy wall. Decorate as you like, covering them with a print out, construction paper, etc. For the box that you use for the front of the castle cut a castle door shape (leave some of it connected so it can open and close). Like in step 3 you can put turret shapes on the side of the walls if your walls are entire boxes, giving your castle a ledge. Step 4
Castle Craft Step 4
Step 5: If you have a platform that is no bigger and your castle decorate it as the floor of the castle. If you have extra room for a yard, mote, etc add that as well. Then glue or tape your towers and walls to one another creating your castle frame and finally glue or tape your castle frame to the platform. Step 5
Castle Craft Step 5
Finished: Once everything is secure your little one can play with this fun craft. Your child can use their own play people to play in the castle where they can stand on the ledges, on the towers and in the courtyard where they can enter in and out of the castle door. Castle
Castle Craft
Castle Craft

One way that you can decorate your castle is with the FREE Brick Castle Print Out and/or Stone Castle Print Out found below.

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