Easter Basket Craft


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Easter Basket Craft
Supplies Needed
Supplies for Easter Basket Craft
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Supplies Needed:Construction Paper – Scissors – Glue or Tape – Crayons – Small Food Box – Shredded Paper or Easter Grass

Making a basket of eggs for Easter can be a lot of fun. Coloring actual eggs can be very messy, this basket of eggs is simple enough for your toddler to make with your help and the project is not messy.
Step 1: Take your small food box, perhaps a box of crackers, and lay it on its back and cut out the front of the box. Keep the front of the box because you will use it later for the handles of the basket that you are making. Use a box that is rectangular so you will be able to cut a strip longs ways out of the front of the box. You can cut the front of the box leaving a 1/2 inch lip to contain the contents of the basket better. Step 1
Easter Basket Craft Step 1
Step 2: Cut out strips of paper to cover the box that you are using. You can use any color of choice, yellow is a popular Easter arts and crafts color. Cut out the 1 or 2 inch strip for the handle of your basket, you can choose the the size in ratio to your box and cut enough construction paper, the color of your choice, to cover it. You can cut two strips out of the front of the box if you want your basket to have two handles. Step 2
Easter Basket Craft Step 2
Step 3: Help your toddler paste or tape the contraction paper on to the box and on the strip(s) for the handle(s). Using white construction paper cut out many egg shapes, depending on the size of the box you’re using will determine how many you will need, but make sure that you do not cut out more than your toddler will want to color. If you want to have your toddler color onto the paper first and then cut out the egg shapes afterwards that works well too. Step 3
Easter Basket Craft
Step 4: Have your toddler color both sides of the eggs with crayons, or as mentioned above have them color on the sheet of paper and you can cut out egg shapes around the designs that they made. Add the shredded paper or Easter grass to the inside of the box and stand the colored eggs up in it. Tape or glue the handle(s) to basket. This makes for a neat decoration that you can pull out every year or something that your toddler can make and give as a gift. Step 4
Easter Basket Craft
Finished: The basket can be made with a larger box to accommodate more eggs or to even hold plastic eggs. Actual hard boiled eggs might get a little too heavy for the handles with this Easter basket so it is not recommended using it for the official Easter egg hunt that your child goes on. It makes a great practice basket though and so those days leading up to the egg hunt you can hide the eggs you’ve made for this craft and your child can find and collect them in the basket. Finished
Easter Basket Craft