Washington Monument Craft

Finished Craft
Washington Monument Craft
Supplies Needed
Supplies for Washington Monument Craft

Supplies Needed: Toilet Paper Roll – Cereal Box – Construction Paper – Scissors – Tape or Glue

The Fourth of July is a an excellent time to teach your child about American history and about the buildings and structures that celebrate the United States. Craft time is an excellent way to may learning about history more fun for a child at any age, so in honor Fourth of July we have designed a Washington Monument craft that is simple enough that a toddler, preschooler, or kindergartner can do, but fun enough that children of all ages enjoy doing it.
Step 1: The first step of the craft is something that an older child or adult will need to do. The person in charge of cutting in the craft will need to cut up enough green construction paper to cover the small sides of the cereal box and one large side of it. In addition he or she will need to cut a variety of shapes for the Washington Monument craft: two to four tree branch shapes, two strips of brown construction paper the same length as the tree branch shapes, one large rectangle, four strips of white construction paper that are slightly taller than a toilet paper roll, and one white circle slight larger than the toilet paper roll. Step 1
Washington Monument Craft Step 1
Step 2: Once the cutting is out of the way a child of any age can begin gluing on the green construction paper to cover the cereal box sides. Then help your child align and glue on the blue rectangle, or reflecting pool, and the white circle, or the base of the Washington Monument, in the correct spots. Basically you want to have them centered with a little bit of room between the edge of the blue rectangle and the edge of the cereal box, a little bit of room between the other edge of the blue rectangle and the white circle, and a little bit of room between the other edge of the white circle and the other edge of the cereal box. Step 2
Washington Monument Craft Step 2
Step 3: The next step will be to help your child make the trees. You may have noted that it is optional how many green branches you will need to make. If you only have enough construction paper for two, the one side of the groups of trees will be brown instead of green. If you have enough for four you can both sides of the trees look identical without the stomp showing all the way. Take each of the brown strips and bend them in half, and then bend each half about a quarter. Glue or tape the green tree shapes on to the brown so that a little bit shows for the stump. Then glue or tape the quarter portion of the stumps you folded to the cereal box next to the reflecting pool with a little bit of green showing. Step 3
Washington Monument Craft Step 3
Step 4: The next step is something that children often find fun because of the shapes that it creates. For the fourth step of the Washington Monument craft you will need to take the four strips of white construction paper that you cut out and glue one to each side of the toilet paper roll. Have the child working on the craft put a line of glue along each side of the toilet paper roll and then help them secure the middle of the strip to it. The strips should touch the bottom of the toilet paper rolls and bet slightly above, this creates a circle within a square and surrounded by triangles. Step 4
Washington Monument Craft Step 4
Step 5: Next you will need to cut out the two pieces of white construction paper for the top of the Washington Monument craft. The shapes should be about the same width and length of the four strips and in an hourglass shape. While cutting these out the glue will be able to properly try for the side of the craft, consider having the child apply light pressure while they wait for you to cut out the two new pieces. Once the glue has dried on the strips you can begin the inserting the two pieces for the top. Step 5
Washington Monument Craft Step 5
Step 6: Fold over each of the hourglass shaped pieces of white construction paper. Gently place them inside the top of the toilet paper roll where the paper sides rise. You should not need to use glue or tape to hold them in place because the lip of construction paper from the white strips should do that just fine. Adjust them until that rest neatly on top of one another and create the pointed tip Washington Monument. Then glue or tape the figure to the white circle you have glued and the craft is done. Step 6
Washington Monument Craft
Side View
Washington Monument Craft
Front View
Washington Monument Craft