Tissue Ghost Craft

Finished Craft
Tissue Ghost Craft
Supplies Needed
Supplies for Tissue Ghost Craft

Supplies Needed: Kleenex – Black Crayon – String – Rubber Band (optional) – Scissors

Everyone loves being able to have fun and spooky decorations during the month of October and now your toddler can make some fun, simple and of course spooky Halloween decorations.
Step 1: Have your toddler take a piece of tissue and roll it into a ball. They usually find that this part of the craft is the most fun that they will like keeping wanting to make tissue ghost to hang around the house for Halloween. Then lay down another piece of tissue flat and place the balled tissue in the center of it. Although tissue isn’t something that you are going to throw away, like the craft toilet paper roll, if kept in nice condition these ghosts can last for many years. Step 1
Tissue Ghost Craft Step 1
Step 2: Take the four corners of your flat tissue and bring it up around the balled up tissue. If you have a rubberband temporally put it around that gathered tissue that you have made. Then take your string and a double knot around the gathered tissue and remove the rubberband. You’ll see the shape of your ghost. This rather tricky for a toddler and young child to get, and it can be even tricky without the rubberband for an adult, so have your child ball up another tissue for the next ghost that you make while you do this. Step 2
Tissue Ghost Craft Step 2
Step 3: Lastly have your toddler make two black dots on the ghost for their eyes, they can also use a marker if that is something that they are aloud to use. If they would like their ghost to have a nose, mouth or even a mustache by all means encourage your little one to be creative and to add their own to design to the tissue ghost. Each ghost takes two tissues total so make as many as you and your toddler want to. Step 3
Tissue Ghost Craft Step 3
Step 4: After repeating steps 1 through 3 as many times as you like you can measure the amount of string that you need to string up your ghost. You have two options you can either thread the string for the tied string on the ghost, so they will move on the string, or tie them in place on the long piece of string. This is a neat decoration that you can display all through the month of October and again the next year for the next Halloween. Step 4
Tissue Ghost Craft Step 4
Finished: If you do not have Kleenex on hand then a soft tissue paper can work well too. Scraps of white fabric are also a good material to use for this craft. This is something that you can to with one child, to make a simple window dressing for Halloween or something that you can make with many children to make a decoration that can go all over the classroom of your daycare or preschool. Finished
Tissue Ghost Craft