Puppet Theater Craft

Finished Craft
Puppet Theater Craft
Supplies Needed
Supplies for Puppet Theater Craft

Supplies Needed: Construction Paper – Scissors – Glue or Tape – Crayons (Optional) – Three Cereal Boxes

One thing that really can aid to a child’s creative imagination is a puppet theater. However they can be rather expensive and take up a lot of room. One way that your child can have a fun and small puppet theater though is to make it out of cereal boxes and construction paper. Plus with this craft of a puppet theater your child will be able to customize it as their own.
Step 1: The first step in making this puppet theater is one that will need to be done by the adult helping in the craft. You will need three cereal boxes that are all the same size. For the puppet theater the cereal boxes will be laying on its side. On one of these cereal boxes you will have to cut out nearly all of the front, leaving about an inch all the way around. Then in the back of that cereal box you will need to cut out the back, again leaving an inch all the way around, except you’ll leave the bottom intact to create a flap. The second cereal box will need the same cutting expect you don’t leave the back a flap. The other cereal box will need to have just its front cut out, again though leaving one inch or so all away around with the exception of the bottom to create a flap. This can be done with scissors or a razor blade, however much caution should be taken with both methods. Step 1
Puppet Theater Craft Step 1
Step 2: After cutting the cereal boxes you should have one that has both the back and front gone, one that has a large flap in the front and one that has a large flap in the back and the front is gone. Place the the box with no flaps in the middle and put the box that has a back in the back, and the last box goes in the front of the puppet theater. Help your toddler glue down the flap from the back box on to the bottom of the two front cereal boxes. This will keep your puppet theater in tact. Make sure that you leave a small space in between the boxes. Step 2
Puppet Theater Craft Step 2
Step 3: For added protection again being dropped, carried around and repeated played with you will want to glue the the flap that comes from the front box on to the other flap. Once everything is dry you can begin to decorate the puppet theater. These three first steps are something that you can do before you and your child sit down to do the craft if you like. This way your toddler won’t have to wait while the glue dries. One thing that will help pass the time as the glue dries in the craft is to cut out the pieces of construction paper that you need to decorate the puppet theater. Step 3
Puppet Theater Craft Step 3
Step 4: Cut out strips for the top of your puppet theater craft. Don’t make it a solid piece of paper because the gaps that you leave between the boxes will be places for the backgrounds and puppets. The strips will be about the length and width as the cereal boxes. Once you cut the strips out help your toddler or young child glue them on to the top of the puppet theater craft. Step 4
Puppet Theater Craft
Step 5: Cut a piece of construction paper for the sides and back of the puppet theater. These pieces that you cut out can be one solid piece. Encourage your child to make the puppet theater their own by adding the colors, shapes, designs and even words that they want to have on the back and sides of the craft. Help your toddler glue on the pieces of construction paper that they want on the sides and back of the puppet theater. Step 5
Puppet Theater Craft
Step 6: The last step is to decorate the front of the puppet theater. Your child will need to select colors for the two sides of the front that the theater will have, the color of the one inch strip at the bottom and the size, design and color of the top of the front of the puppet theater. Cut out what you need to complete this wonderful craft. Help your child glue it all on. Step 6
Puppet Theater Craft
Now all you have to do is make background and puppets for your puppet shows. What kind of puppet show your child puts on and what kind of puppets your child makes is entirely up to them. The possibilities of entertainment with this craft are numerous. This is a craft that you will be glad that you did with your child because it will provide them with hours and hours of fun.