Sailboat Craft


Sailboat Craft
Supplies for Sailboat Craft
Paper Boat Craft

Supplies Needed: Construction Paper – Index Card – Toilet Paper Roll – Scissors – Glue or Tape – Crayons (Optional)

Although your little one will not be able to take this craft in with them when they take a bath it will be a sail boat that they can enjoy out of the water.
Step 1: You can use index cards or paper for this project. If your using index cards you’ll need two for the sides of the boat and one for the front, back and sail of the boat. Draw a diagonal line from the top corner of the card to the bottom halfway point, for the sail. Trace around the roll at the corner of the index card and then next to it for the front and back of the boat. If you use paper cut out a 6 x 5 inch piece for the sides of the boat, but the circles will be the same and the sail size is up to you. Step 1
Sailboat Craft Step 1
Step 2: Cut out the sail and the circles for the boat. If you didn’t use index card as stated before cut a 6 x 5 inch piece of paper for the side of the boat. You may consider doing steps 1 and 2 before you are with your toddler so they are not waiting to get involved in the project and do not become too curious about scissors. When you cut out the sail trim away at the bottom corner leaving a 1 x 1/2 inch tab for the sail to stand on. Step 2
Sailboat Craft Step 2
Step 3: Help your toddler cover the boat. Glue or tape the sides to the boat, starting at the bottom of the boat, they should go a bit above the toilet paper roll. Do the same with the to circles that you cut out to cover the front and back of the roll. If you toddler plans on drawing on the boat you may have them do that prior to the gluing. If you used color construction paper consider cutting circles for windows on your boat to glue or tape on. Step 3
Sailboat Craft Step 3
Step 4: You have three options for installing the sail to the boat. You can cut a hole into the toilet paper roll the size of the sail tab and stick the tab into it. You can glue or tape the tab to the side of the boat or glue or tape that tab to the top of the toilet paper roll. It is entirely up to you, but now your boat is complete and ready to set sail. Step 4
Sailboat Craft
Finished: You can customize this toddler boat craft anyway you like. Two small circles on the side give the illusion of some lower deck windows or possible a place for cannons if your child wants their sail boat to be a pirate ship. Have your child make several of these crafts and they will have the opportunity for sail boat races. Finished
Sailboat Craft