Valentine’s Day Crafts

Finished Craft
Valentine's Day Card Craft
Supplies Needed
Supplies for Valentine's Day Card Craft

Supplies Needed: Red and Pink Construction Paper – Scissors – Glue or Tape – Crayons (Optional)

Valentine’s Day is a great way to introduce card giving to your toddler, have them make a Pop Up Valentine Heart for all of their friends and family.
Step 1: Fold two pieces of construction paper in half, to form the outside sheet of the card and the inside sheet of the card. Holding the two pieces together cut a heart shape to create a card that opens at the top of the top of the heart. The construction paper pieces can be the same color or different, use the color of paper of your choice. Then cut out out other hearts that are smaller, these hearts will be used for decorating the card and so they should be much smaller and different colors from the two large hearts. Step 1
Valentine's Day Card Craft Step 1
Step 2: Take the inside of the card heart and cut two slits in the center of each of the hearts arches, have each about an inch wide and two inches long. This will create the pop up strips for your card, ideally you want the strips that you cut to be in the center of the arches of the heart and not to close to the edge. You can also just have a wider pop up strip that you cut in the center of the heart. Step 2
Valentine's Day Card Craft Step 2
Step 3: Open the card and bend the pop up strips so they will sit up freely when the card is open and so they will lay flat when the card is closed. It helps to open the card and slightly pull on the strip (or to push it through the back when you have the card sitting open) and then pinch it in the center and at the bottom and top of it. If you have any doubts about this step, it is a good idea to test it on a scrap piece of paper. Step 3
Valentine's Day Card Craft Step 3
Step 4: Help your toddler paste or tape the smaller hearts that you cut out on the cover of the card and the inside of it. Glue or tape a heart on each of the pop up strips. Write any message that you want to have in the inside of the card and on the outside piece. Lastly glue the cover onto the card and your done. You can write the message that you want the card to say and then have your toddler “sign” it in their own unique way. Step 4
Valentine's Day Card Craft Step 4
Finished: This pop up card is a popular craft choice for children of any age. Kids often like the small of amount of effort that goes into such a fun pay off. When making other cards you can use the same design for just about anything. Closed
Valentine's Day Card Closed
Valentine's Day Card Open

A fun craft activity that your toddler can make for a decoration to have or to give is a Piece Together Cupid. You can use construction paper to cut out the different shapes to make a cupid or print out one of our FREE Piece Together Cupid Print Out Sheets.

Piece Together Cupid – Color Pieces
Piece Together Cupid – Black and White Pieces
Colored Cupid Print Out
Black and White Cupid Print Out

Save on ink and have your toddler color in the pieces of their cupid with the black and white Piece Together Cupid print out sheet. Click the picture to see full size image.